Marriage Resoruces for Clergy Marriage Resources for Clergy Marriage Resources for Clergy  

Marriage Resources for Clergy

The Sermons

These sermons are provided as examples. You may use the content for inspiration, use portions as is, or rewrite the text to fit your situation. There are hundreds of sermons on marriage available on the Sermon Audio website as well.

Wedding Sermons

A wedding is an important opportunity to remind the couple of the basics of marriage - The marriage metaphor of God being our spouse, the self-sacrifice of love, the need for communication and forgiveness, and the importance of bringing up children in the faith.

Why Marriage is Important and the Five Pillars of a Successful Marriage Corkie Haan

Sermons on Community

These sermons focus on community of which marriage is the foundational component.

The iRelate Series: Six Sermons Rod MacIlvaine

General Sermons

Congregations have found it very helpful to have a gentle reminder of the importance God attaches to marriage, how it is important for communities to have healthy marriages, and some of the resources that are available for marriage preparation, marriage enrichment, and for saving marriages and improving re-marriages when they occur.

The Mystery of Marriage Albert Mohler
Fulfilling Our Cultural Mandate Richard Land
God's Design For Marriage And Family John Guest
The Safety of The Natural Order Ken Hutcherson
Healthy Realism Rod MacIlvaine
Healthy Idealism Rod MacIlvaine
Healthy Idealism Part 2 Rod MacIlvaine
Build a Good Enough Marriage Rod MacIlvaine
Work on Your Unsolvable Problems Rod MacIlvaine
Ten Keys to Intimacy in Marriage

Bishop Joseph Mattera

Sermons on Divorce

Why God Hates Divorce Jim Tonkowich
How to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Rod MacIlvaine

Catholic Sermons

Jesus And Marriage Father Roger J. Landry
Loving With The Heart And Voice of A Prophet Father Roger J. Landry
The Certainty of The Teaching We Have Received Father Roger J. Landry
Doing What Christ Tells Us About Marriage Father Roger J. Landry
Christ The King And His Kingdom of Truth Father Roger J. Landry
We Must Proclaim And Protect Truth About Marriage And Family The Most Rev.
Charles J. Chaput
OFM Cap.

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Marriage Resources for Clergy
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