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Chuck White & Morgan Cryar:
Songs About Marriage

Tissues not included. We dare you to listen without crying.

We looked long and hard for songs about marriage. Oh sure, there are tons of songs about cheating husbands and best-friend dogs. But how about songs about the real work of marriage? Not many.

Well Chuck White & Morgan Cryar have written some. We dare you to listen to "I Choose You" without crying. Other great songs are "Still Crazy About You" and "The Man I want to Be."

All we can say is that you should buy all three albums.

All three albums available at: CD Baby or iTunes

Chuck White's passion is songwriting. He has reached back into his past and crafted songs that touch the listener's soul. He looks at day to day life and the events that shape our memories and allows his thoughts to flow from his pen and connect to the listener's heart. He dreams of good things to come or what may be one day and records them for future generations. His music is about life and death, true love and heartbreak, hanging on and letting go.

Clips from
1-I Choose You
2-Broken Lilacs
3-Forever Gone
4-About Goodbye
5-Taeler's Song

Or click here for an MP3 File.

Available at CD Baby

Available on iTunes

About Good-Bye

1 Still Crazy About You
2 Forever Gone
3 Way Back Home
4 Bottom's Deep
5 I Choose You
6 Not the End
7 About Goodbye
8 Broken Lilacs
9 One With You
10 The Man I Want to Be
11 Playing Church


Never Forget

1 Never Forget
2 That's My Boy
3 Broken Believer
4 Are We There Yet?
5 Rise Up
6 Wealthy Man
7 Empty Chair
8 Letting You Go
9 Nobody Knows
10 Don't Feel Pity
11 Had to Look
12 Just Wanna Work
13 That's Just What You Do

Lyin' Low in Detroit

1 Lyin' Low
2 Bring Daddy Back Your Heart
3 Heaven's Near
4 Movers and Shakers
5 Mr. Pike
6 Taeler's Song
7 I Think of You
8 What Goes Around
9 Hand Me Downs
10 Heroes of September


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