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This pages provides links to some of the best articles about marriage written over the past few years. As with the sermons, they represent a wide range of backgrounds and views. But they all focus on one critical issue: Marriage is an important institution and must be protected.

Why Marriage Matters: Twenty-One Conclusions from the Social Sciences  
Death and Dying in an Age of Family Fragmentation: The New Alone Elizabeth Marquardt
How Redefining Marriage Redefines Parenthood Elizabeth Marquardt
The Case for Traditional Marriage Joseph Mattera
The New Advocates for Marriage Maggie Gallagher
Will You Stand Up For Truth And Justice For Children? Michael Snyder
Catholics must proclaim, protect truth about marriage, family Charles J. Chaput
Children living with biological parents from the US Census Bureau Robert Bernstein
Good Marriage Equals Good Blood Pressure Malcom Ritter
Better Together? Only in holy matrimony, not in cohabitation Mike McManus
Do Mothers and Fathers Matter?
The Social Science Evidence on Marriage and Child Well-Being [PDF]
Maggie Gallagher
Joshua K. Baker
The Importance of Fathers on Father's Day [PDF] David Blankenship
Fatherless America: America No Longer Viable Maggie Gallagher
Turning the Corner on Father Absence in Black America  
Dad's The Ticket Rich Lowry
The Debate about Same-Sex Marriage  
Welfare reform threatens to leave dads behind  
The Prophetic Task of the Churches on Behalf of Children of Divorce Elizabeth M. Marquardt
The Moral Experience of Children of Divorce and the Best Interests of Children Elizabeth M. Marquardt
Snuffy's Parents Get a Divorce  
Federal Marriage Amendment  
The Case for Marriage Robert H. Knight
In Defense of the Family: The Massachusetts governor stands up for marriage Maggie Gallagher
Amendment Best Response to Assaults Against Marriage Lynn D. Wardle
Catholic Bishops Urge Support For Federal Marriage Amendment  
Counterfeit Marriage  
Legalizing gay marriage will spark lawsuits against churches Roger Severino
The Debate about Same-Sex Marriage  
Robert Knight
Selling Homosexuality to America Paul E. Rondeau
Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples Timothy J. Dailey
Why Homosexual Marriage is Wrong Jan LaRue
Maggie Gallagher
Joshua K. Baker
Homosexual Propaganda: The Big Lie [PDF] Louis P. Sheldon
The Health Risks of Gay Sex [PDF] John R. Diggs
Statement of the Catholic Medical Association [PDF]

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